The project “FASHION AS A PART OF THE ECOSYSTEM. Sustainable Story” is a collaboration among students, new talented designers, the textile industry in Macedonia and invited fashion practitioners from the UK in order to find the most appropriate way to re-use textiles. The initiative began in September this year, with continuous activities and presentation of the first part of the project scheduled for October 14th in Shtip- center of textiles in Macedonia. The project completion will take place on November 2, 2018 within the Fashion Weekend Skopje.

Fashion Weekend Skopje in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia (Within the project “New Cultural Wave 2018”) and the British Council in Macedonia made an open call for all young designers with maximum working experience up to 3 years. Selected participants will take part in a series of workshops for sustainable design under the mentorship of fashion designer Irina Tosheva, who besides her many years of experience as a designer, also works with costume design; “Ajde Makedonija”, “Pakomak”, and will participate in the final performance and exhibition during the eighteenth edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje. The participants will also mentor guests from the UK, because sustainable fashion is possible and mastered by many British fashion labels. Certified organic cotton, slow production, sustainable fabrics, zero waste production, vegan materials and ethical production conditions are just the beginning.

All candidates had the task of creating a sustainable fashion design from textile waste. Their product should create a new relationship with the fashion for positive changes on the planet and environmental awareness in our country.



October 14, 2018 – Fashion presentation of the first part of the project in the center of textile Stip

October 30 – November 1 – Photo&video shooting, a catalog under the mentorship of Anna Skodbo and Rebekah Roy: “Sustainable Story” with an emphasis on improving environmental and humanitarian sustainability. Activities for networking, exchange of knowledge and techniques

Curated performance, exhibition, photo&video a sustainable story about the collections made during the Fashion Weekend Skopje.

November 2 – Fashion installation within the Fashion Weekend Skopje, Skopje Marriott Hotel.



We have united in this especially important initiative because the fashion industry is the second economic branch in the world and is one of the main culprits for the endangering of the environment. Rapid fashion produces huge quantities of waste. About 40% of purchased clothes are seldom or never worn – on average, clothing is worn only 3.3 times during a person’s life – and about one third of the retail clothing is never sold and is therefore burnt or destroyed after another way. With this project we want to give a second life to the clothes, valuing the other’s work. Fashion has the power to make positive changes, to re-create measures against current harmful systems.


The project, which contains mentoring sessions, workshops and discussions on new design techniques and strategies, will allow participants to have the honor to work with famous Rebekah Roy from the United Kingdom and talented designer Anna Skodbo.

Rebekah Roy is one of the UK’s top fashion stylists and creative consultants who believe in supporting young talents and a growing inclusive international fashion industry. She curated the first vegan fashion show in London and sustainable techniques for designing zero waste, recycling and reconstruction. One of Roy’s recent projects, “Bare Fashion” was the first vegan fashion show in London.

Anna Skodbo designs her ethical, ecological and “crosstown” fashion brand “Phannatiq”. It has a deep respect for natural and human resources and puts this commitment at the heart of its brand, by maintaining supply chains with high sustainability and ethical credibility. Anna teaches students about business and fashion, sharing her specialized insights and successes in maintaining integrity within a single profitable industry dominated by one-off fashion.

Our initiative was recognized and supported by our partners: Textile Trade Association – Macedonia in cooperation with the factories Okitex, AFG, Istkomerc Sanda; SEDC, Djolev and Arts (, Ajde Makedonija (! and Pakomak (, Ecotip

The project is supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia (Within the project “New Cultural Wave 2018”) and the British Council.

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