Kokoro: An experience which opened my heart even more


Koko­ro Design Stu­dio is offi­cial­ly ded­i­cat­ed to dis­cov­er­ing the touch­point of the min­i­mal and inti­mate in life, and there­fore the design of every­day objects. Design inspi­ra­tion comes from the ascetic cul­ture of Mon­tene­gro and Japan. Kokoro Design Studio was found­ed by Anja Tadic. Anja Tadic was one of the Unit­ed Fash­ion design­ers dur­ing Fashion Weekend Skopje in 2019 and 48H Maisons de Mode Lille in 2019. As a fash­ion design­er, she shares her expe­ri­ences and out­comes from her par­tic­i­pa­tion to Unit­ed Fashion.


Anja Tadic – designer, Montenegro

How did you find out about United Fashion and what was your key motivation to apply for such a project (the first time)?


In fact Sveta Bogova Jovanovska from Fashion Weekend Skopje found my brand and instructed me to sign up ..
I can definitely say that it was magic move on her part, as it was the first fashion week to which Kokoro participated. Appearing with brands from the ex Yugoslavia and with brands from Europe and therefore learning something new was a pleasure for my brand.

Describe your experience with United Fashion SEE Showroom at Fashion Weekend Skopje 19 in general. And then your participation at 48H Maisons de Mode in Lille France.


It was my second time to visit Skopje and warm people from Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. More than 30 designers (half of whom were chosen by the European project) came together for this four-day event. This time, we were familiarised with problems linked to craftsmanship and production, such as the Balkan Basin, which is surrounded by factories producing textiles. We were also able to visit businesses and meet local professionals to discuss the possibility of producing in countries on the outskirts of Europe. We were also able to present our collections during the opening fashion show and in a B2B showroom. I think it was a great organisation and a great contact for the future that came up with the Fashion Weekend Skopje.

48 H Maison de Mode in Lille , launched on a lark five years ago, this fashion festival now welcomes more than 15,000 visitors every year. For four days, we, designers participated in events, presented our collections to buyers in a showroom, took part in conferences, and show our work in the Maisons de Mode Fashion Show before an audience of industry professionals. This is followed by four days of activities and events, including: photo shoots, fashion workshops, a high-heeled Glam Run (open to male and female competitors), talks and conferences, parties and other surprises…
This will help us to expand our networks and get an idea of distribution opportunities, the theme chosen for the designers’ stop in France.

How do the two events compare, in terms of what they brought to you as a new knowledge, practice and contacts? (what do you consider best side of both events for you as designer)


On the one hand I can say that both events have similarities in terms of the essence of the concept reflected in the activities organized by the organizers, but on the other hand both events were special because I met different and interesting designers, and had the opportunity to talk to people in the fashion world who they really had advice for my brand.


Name your biggest achievements in 2019 and your plans for 2020.

March 2019 Fashion Weekend Skoplje
April 2019 Appearance as a designer of a week on the wall of Not Just A Label with ISHIYAMA Collection
June 2019 exhibition and Pop Up in Paris, invited by Kodd Magazine
September 2019 48H Maison de Mode Lille, France
December 2019 Kokoro received an award from the Delta city centre mall and a month’s worth of sales
I also got opportunity on 48h Maison de mode from online designers platform Playologie to sell one year for free !
2020 Work on the new collection, preparation for the first avant-garde Montenegrin show in September, also efforts to break into the European and world markets.

What is your overall opinion about United Fashion from a today’s perspective? Would you apply for participation again?


My conclusion is that it is wonderful that there is an organisation such as United Fashion, which thinks about young, talented designers and supports them. I think the United fashion concept is great and very fair. Gather young designers from Europe and give them the opportunity to present their collections at a fashion show, have a presentation for bayers, constructive workshops, visiting factories and meetings between participating designers and local producers…..
I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again : Maybe it will sound funny but really when United Fashion choose Kokoro for the first time to take part in the Fashion Week in Skopje, they were like an Angel . Kokoro was then given the first chance to have an international appearance. It was a big deal, because it is very difficult from this part of Europe, a small Mediterranean mountain country like Montenegro to do something in the field of design. Then my heart was opened even more. Of course I would apply again if I get the chance : )

Credits: © Sebastien Gras / Maisons de Mode; Jovana Zuka/ FWSK



Unit­ed Fash­ion received the sup­port from the Cre­ative Europe pro­gramme of the Euro­pean Union.