Let us introduce you to our Fashion Weekend Skopje representative designer, who was selected and participated during United Fashion showroom at Berlin Fashion Week, in July 2018.


photo Credits:
@Fashion Council Germany @Pascal Rohe

City where designer is based: Ljubljana
Where the collections are produced: Slovenia
Fashion has always been an organic progression for Sofija Urumović, a 26-year old designer from Slovenia. As a child, her dream was to be omnilingual, which means having the ability to speak, or to understand, all languages. It goes without saying that this is impossible, however, during the years Urumović realised that fashion is one of the most powerful and universal languages in the world.

As a Textile and Fashion Design graduate of University of Ljubljana and The Swedish School of Textiles, Urumović has turned her passion into profession. The time she spent at the universities and gaining experience at some of the most prominent names in the industry, enabled her to understand her creative talents and taught her how to observe the world with her eyes and mind wide open. Hugely intrigued by the relation of 2D pattern cutting and 3D human body, she spends a big part of her design process focusing on pattern construction and manipulation. Her aesthetics certainly reflects her interest in shape design but is also largely influenced by her personal interpretation of everyday life and intimate memories, hopes, fears, past, present and future. Balancing between sensuality, sophistication and nonchalance, her vision stands clear: feminine, wearable and comfortable clothing with a twist in details and touch of experimenting with shapes and materials.
Urumović’s work has won numerous prizes and was part of many exhibitions all over Europe.