During the Riga Fashion Week, held from 24 to 26 October 2018 in Latvia, was organized by the Baltic Fashion Federation, where “United Fashion” (UF) participated as well.
The program included a UF designers’ showroom, seminars and workshops on “Digitization. Brand Management”, as well as a networking event, during which designers had the opportunity to obtain significant contact information for the development of their business.
Macedonian fashion designer Teodora Mitrovska was one of the invited designers who opened the fashion week in Riga with the collection “We are not machines”.
The collection is inspired by textile workers and is a critique of fast fashion and the conditions in which it is produced. Through the creations, the thin line between a man and a machine is re-examined, which, unfortunately, many of these workers are moving. For this purpose, the collection contains pieces of unconventional materials such as PVC, industrial rubber and solid plastics that transform the body into a superhuman.
After the fashion show in Latvia, the collection was presented during the eighteenth Fashion Weekend Skopje, on November 2, 2018.

All images credits from Riga Fashion Week © Marcis Gaujenietis and Baltic Fashion Federation