FWSK and ONLYAFEW announced renowned designers and new innovative talents from our country and abroad, which will be presented within the three-day showroom “Conscious Fashion” from October 1 to 3 in Public Room. The invitation is open for all fans of beautiful and quality design, who will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with them, to see the exhibited creations live, as well as to choose unique pieces on the spot at the most favorable prices.


The musical performance by the masterskilled Gloomié for the grand opening of the 22nd edition, will mark the beginning of the most cult fashion event in the city on Thursday (01.10) starting at 19:00 in Public Room. Fashion Weekend Skopje this season is conceived as a three-day “pop-up” event with a sales showroom, art installations, student exhibitions, educational lectures and rich music program. Admission is free from 10 am to 10 pm on Friday (02.10) and Saturday (03.10). And it is definitely an opportunity not to be missed.


The list of participants in “CONSCIOUS FASHION POP UP SHOWROOM” consists of a number of eminent and promising designers and brands from the country and abroad, such as Irina Tosheva, Evgenija Zafirovska, Terziya, Stefanija Naseska, PSSBL, Krenare Rugova, Para Todos, Minnimal, Kotev Ksenija, Seddum, Tessuti Art by Ana Jakim, Meleem, Melani Digit, Lipa, Saksija Urban Pots, Siideess Furniture. The exhibits can be bought with big discounts on the principle ‘See now – Buy now’.


“Together with our partners we have made a careful selection of contemporary designers and brands that are worth seeing for the general public. Our main goal as an organizational team is to provide maximum support to creatives at the moment, focusing on top names, but also on new talents who follow an ecological, artisanal and ethical approach to work. They are the fashion heroes of today, because they have a positive influence on the consciousness of the community,” highlights Milan Atanasov, FWSK Public Relations Coordinator.


Fashion Weekend Skopje continues its fruitful cooperation with the school of art and design Djolev and the Arts, whose students through an exhibition of their works will prove to you that Macedonian fashion and design have a bright future. In terms of education for full sustainability as a way of life, which can have a profound impact on the future of the planet and humanity in general,  professional presentations on the topic will be included in a panel discussion with representatives of Fashion Revolution.


The mission to promote the best of sustainable design in Skopje, as a co-organizer of the project “Conscious Fashion”, was joined by the Berlinbased consulting agency ONLYAFEW, led by the tandem Dorothee Sarah Spehar and Kristina Ilievska, who after the breakthrough on the Scandinavian scene, recognized our metropolis as next challenge to expand their community.


“It is a special honor and pleasure for us to be actively involved in all aspects, from planning to the implementation of ideas for this year’s edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje. Our agency offers tailor-made consulting services for brands, ie enables them to define their DNA, based on sustainability, creativity and innovation. We promote the vision for small collections based on skills, reasonable sales placements, fair conditions between brands and traders, as well as radical transparency.”- emphasizes Kristina Ilievska, creative director at ONLYAFEW.


All the latest news about the participants and the program, ie the multimedia content before, during and after the event will be published currently and online on social media. The digital partner of the 22nd season of Fashion Weekend Skopje is the telecommunication operator A1.


Do not forget to join the showroom “Conscious Fashion” from October 1 to 3 and witness the works of our heroes!

* All measures and recommendations for protection and prevention of COVID-19 will be applied during the event.