Skopje (October 17, 2018) From 1 to 4 November 2018, Fashion Weekend Skopje will bring the latest collections of Macedonian and designers from the region with the theme “Fashion as a part of the ecosystem. Sustainable Story” in two locations in Skopje.
The four-day fashion event will be opened by designer Lidia Georgieva at F.A.M.E.’S and will present the birthday collection “Millions of Miles Time” on the occasion of the creation of the brand 20 years ago.
“Skopje Marriott Hotel” as the official location of the eighteenth Fashion Weekend Skopje will be the place where three days of fashion shows will be held.
On November 2nd evening will start with the fashion installation and performance of the final part of the project #sustainabestorymk with the capsule collections of the participants and guests from the UK, the talented designer Anna Skodbo and one of the leading UK stylists Rebecah Roy.
The fashion performance of designer Irina Tosheva will be followed by the autumn-winter collection 2018/2019 and an unusual concept. For the first time at Fashion Weekend Skopje, the designer Teodora Mitrovska will have a show with the collection “We Are Not Machines”. A special surprise will be the fashion show and the creations of Krenare Rugova, who in Skopje will bring the collection that she says has been done “using slow fashion to present new forms of thinking in advance”.
At the end of the first night we will see the design of “Full of Grace” by the designer Silvia Mihajlovska, who in 2018 completes two of her impeccable anniversaries, 20 years of the first solo show of the FLU, and 10 years since the existence of her fashion studio “Alshar”.
After the first opening day, with “Red Bull” and “Absolut” guests are invited to a party in the “Public room” with the famous DJ “Gramophonedzie”.
On Saturday November 3, a fashion show will be held by students from the academy “DJolev and Arts”. Quality and advanced technology are the major imperatives for creating every piece of SIGMA jewelry and their latest collection called “Future now”. Immediately then, for the first time, we will see the models of “Matrons dresses” and at the end of the evening the Olgica Gorgieva’s show and the new collection “Bridges” supported by “BISI”.
The autumn edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje 2018/2019 will close the fashion pieces of “error kolektiv” and their three brands: “Atami”, “Em Ellephantski” and “[0.10] error of harmony”. Then the show of Sarah Redzic and the end of the evening Aleksandra Jovanovska with a retrospective review and the collection “Archetype” from ten years old creation as a fashion designer.
The official vehicle this season is “LEXUS.EXPERIENCE AMAIZING”. The event will feature premium hybrid vehicles: the latest generation of the luxury limo “Lexus LS 500h” as well as the refreshed “Lexus NX 300h”.
The official makeup partner this season is “GOSH”. Official partner for model hairstyles this is the program “KEMON” represented by the general representative for Macedonia, “Clarissa Balkan”. Derma beauty partner of the season are “Vichy”.
The official perfume this eighteenth season is “C-THRU” as a leading brand, recognizable for creativity, fashion and inspiration and is pleased to introduce the new Cosmic Aura perfume.
Our partners “Perwoll” for more than 60 years care about all kinds of fabrics and order “Make your clothes beautiful again”.
Project partners -MDN security. The official wine of the season comes from the winery “Vizba Valandovo”. The official vodka of the season is “Absolut”. Our favorite restaurants are “Soul Kitchen Bar” and “Bella Vista”.