Hello everyone,
We are happy to share the best moments from the eighteenth Fashion Weekend Skopje with you. The four days of fashion were held from 1 to 4 November 2018 at the exclusive location of F.A.M.E’S and Skopje Marriott Hotel. We are proud that, like any other edition, we have launched a new initiative in Macedonia, our project #Sustainablestorymk. We started to tell the story of sustainable design, the use of zero-waste and we showed how textile waste can be transformed into unique creations.
But let’s start from the very beginning!


This season we presented fifteen new collections, new unique masterpieces that aroused great attention among the audience and media representatives. The eighteenth edition was opened by the established designer Lidiya Georgieva, who with her collection celebrated twenty years of work in Paris and Macedonia. From the well known names we have also seen the collections of Irina Tosheva, Silvija Mihajlovska from the studio Alshar, that celebrated ten years of working, and Olgica Gorgieva. Additionally, one of the most famous brands of Italian jewelry Sigma, brought its new pieces exactly to Fashion Weekend Skopje.

@Alshar by Silvija Mihajlovska



Each season we have designers with whom we unite the region and bring Europe to us. This time it was KRENARERUGOVA by talented designer Krenare Rugova who was studying in New York and Paris and selling her creations in several markets across Europe. New on our Fashion WeekendSkopjewere were also the gorgeous dresses by Matrons dresses.


The zero waste design is not in fact a new technology or material. It is a new way of perception-a notion that makes us reconsider the existing techniques thus becoming a more creative and resourceful designer. Therefore, with our young creative artists under the mentorship of the designer Irina Tosheva, we created our sustainable story #Sustainablestorymk.


Pairing up different pieces of clothing like a puzzle with different techniques, contributes to no fabric that is wasted and you get a new, unique piece that can be worn again. Apart from protecting the environment in this way, we have also received new unique forms of fashion.


On the capsule collections made of textile waste worked Emanuela Trajceska, Sara Redzic, Eva Zarezankova, Natalie Naumova, Radica Lazova, Katerina Dimitrovska, Mirjana Josifoska and Dana Koseva under the mentorship of the designer Irina Tosheva .Guests from UK, the talented designer Ana Skodbo and one of the leading UK stylists Rebekah Roy that have been working for sustainable fashion for a long time, lectured young designers on slow-manufacturing techniques, sustainable fabrics, certified organic cotton, zero- waste production, vegan materials and ethical production conditions.
The project is realized by the Fashion Weekend Skopje and the Macedonian Fashion Association in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia within the framework of the New Cultural Wave 2018, the British Council and our partners Textile Trade Association Textile Cluster -Macedonia in cooperation with the factories Okitex, La Dama, Bella, AFG, Monikaand Istkomerc Sanda.
Active participation and support gave civic-led networkAjdeMacedonia! , the companyEcotipwith the ecological bottles for water Retap, Academy for fashion design DJolev and Arts (Seavus educational&development center).


They say that the world remains for the youth, and with the young creators we had with us we believe that the fashionable future awaits them with widespread arms. Theodora Mitrovska, who finished her education at the University in London after opening the Riga fashion week, presented her collection with us. The creativity you want to see and carry is translated into Error Kolektiv and their three brands: ATAMI, Em Ellephantski and [0.10] error of harmony.
Aleksandra Jovanovska, who has been creating various creations for ten years, has chosen her best pieces and this time presented them in one collection. Students from the Academy of Fashion Design Jolev and the Arts (Seavus Educational & Development Center) presented their final collections on which they’ve worked under the mentorship of the well known designers Nikola Eftimov and Nikola Buleski-Bule.

@Academy fo Fashion Design Djolev & Arts, Seavus Edu&Develop. Center

Fashion Weekend Skopje, which is held twice a year this season, has completed its ninth year. At this eighteenth edition in F.A.M.E’S and Skopje Marriott Hotel over 4000 fashion lovers, industry professionals, VIP guests and buyers visited us. Over the 4 days, journalists, photo reporters, bloggers, and over 100 media representatives have joined us.

@error kolektiv


As the only event of its kind in Skopje, which is held twice a year, FWSK presents local and international fashion designers, educational institutions, media, customers, consumers and other fashion professionals who present their work, exchange ideas at one place and strengthen the fashion scene.

FWSK organizes fashion shows, exhibitions, lectures, awards ceremonies, networking events, debates and parties. Particular attention is paid each season to the work and development of young talents in the Balkan region.


The initiatives we have behind us in the past nine years give us even greater motivation to promote the work of Macedonian fashion practitioners. We hope to connect designers, companies, governments and educational institutions in fashion and textiles, as well as the audience with this joint effort. The new initiative is looking for a cleaner and more sustainable fashion industry.