The zero waste design is not in fact a new technology or material. It is a new way of perception-a notion that makes us reconsider the existing techniques thus becoming a more creative and resourceful designer.Therefore, with our young creative artists under the mentorship of the designer Irina Tosheva, we created our sustainable story #Sustainablestorymk.
Setting up different pieces of clothing like a puzzle with different techniques contributes to not having a fabric that is wasted and you get a new, unique piece that can be worn again. Apart from protecting the environment in this way, we have also got new unique fashion models.

On the capsule collections made of textile waste worked Emanuela Trajcheska, Sarah Redzic, Eva Zarezankova, Natalie Naumova, Radica Lazova, Katerina Dimitrovska, Mirjana Josifoska and Dana Koseva under the mentorship of the designer Irina Tosheva, as well as the guests from the UK, or the talented designer Anna Skodbo, who is behind the brand “Phannatiq”, and one of the leading British stylists Rebekah Roy.

In the organization of the Fashion Weekend Skopje and the Macedonian Fashion Association, part of the collections were also shown on the fashion performance called #Sustainablestorymk – Our first expressions on October 14, 2018 in the Astibo Fashion Group – AFG in Shtip.

In the second phase, the guests from UK, Skidbo and Roy, who have been working for sustainable fashion for a long time, presented young designers with techniques for slow production, sustainable fabrics, certified organic cotton, zero waste production, vegan materials and ethical production conditions.

The final phase of the project took place on November 2, 2018 with a fashion performance and installation during the Fashion Weekend Skopje in Skopje Marriott Hotel.

In the center of Skopje we have created a special photo session and video recording where you will see some of the highlights of our #sustainable story.

The entire project was realized by the Fashion Weekend Skopje with the generous support of the Macedonian Fashion Association, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, the British Council as well asthe partners “Textile Trade Association – Textile Cluster – Macedonia” in cooperation with the Okitex factories, “La Dama”, “Bella”, “AFG” and “Istkomerc Sanda”, “Monika”, Academy of Fashion Design “Jolev and the Arts” and “Seavus Educational and Development Center”.

Designers: Emanuela Trajcheska, Sara Redzic, Eva Zarezankova, Natali Naumova,Radica Lazova,Katerina Dimitrovska, Mirjana Josifoska, Dana Kjoseva
Styling: Rebekah Roy, Phannatiq, Shoes: Schuster, Bags: Cecily, Tights: La Dama
Mentor: Irina Tosheva
Models: @Podium Model Agency, Sara Milenkovska, Iva Naskova, Angelina Kitanovska
Makeup: Jovana Kocic, @Gosh Macedonia, @Eva Training Center
Hair: Stance Kiprijanov, @Kemon Macedonia
Photo: Ani i Dimi
Video: Dimitar Petrovski
Montage & style: Marina Trajkovska
@copyright Fashion Weekend Skopje In partnership with British Council