With the closing of the exhibition hall in Bitola and the fashion performance of the project “The circular economy as a model for solving the textile waste in the Municipality of Stip”, the end of the three day edition of the event was successfully marked, which focused on the slow fashion and the circular economy under the slogan “Beyond  the Fields ”, providing space for the promotion of 30 creatives and their works during the NoWasteMK initiative project.

Through a showroom, exhibition, experimental collection and a set of conversations in Bitola and Stip, with online inclusions from Stip to New York, NoWasteMK researched and discussed topics on sustainability, in order to encourage the necessary changes towards a more sustainable society and industry!

The first day of the discussion was the connection between “slow food” and “slow fashion” and the opportunities for education of the new generations on how everything can cross the two concepts of a fruitful future.  With “Slow Food Macedonia”, at an authentic dinner, they promoted the world trend of combining healthy food and fashion, advocating for a responsible attitude towards the planet and the environment.

NoWasteMK’s vision was to unite different industries in Macedonia in order to create an efficient flow of creativity in different sectors.  We presented our vision of the concept through food and opened the opportunity for all of us to find the points that unite us, to explore the connection between agriculture, food and fashion, looking through the prism of sustainability, circular economy as well as local culture.

During the dinner the guests were asked a question: “What would you be able to do right now, contributing towards responsible fashion?” Some of the unique answers were used in creating the Fashion Weekend program, such as: “Change  on the attitude towards shopping, investing in seasonal clothing and donating clothes “, while other answers were” Increasing the demand for tailored sustainable clothing “as well as” Recycling old clothes and reducing the need to buy new fashion pieces “.

The future of fashion looks  – “phy-digital”.  The latest collections of the participants were digitally presented through fashion films.  The seasonal concept was obvious that although the digital could not replace the physical, it still provided numerous creative and logistical benefits, combining virtual presentation with a showroom.  In front of numerous journalists, public figures and fans of beautiful design, they presented their collections, famous names from the domestic scene, as well as young talents that are yet to be heard.

The ANIMA collection, presented by Stefanija Naseska, is ideologically based on raising public awareness for the protection of endangered endemic species of animals living in our country, but also a cry for the protection of women from domestic violence.  The motto of the “Save us” collection covers several areas: rescuing animals from extinction, rescuing women victims of domestic violence, and rescuing the planet Earth from pollution.  Because all three of these categories have one weakness in common, and that is man-destroyer.  Part of the whole story are children’s illustrations of animals that symbolize the naivety, purity and dishonesty that the child possesses.  The collection is dominated by orange, a protected color for victims of domestic violence and green – the color of life.  (Video)


“The Beginning” is a collection by Evgenija Zafirovska inspired by an abstract element that looks like a staircase or a small auditorium, which is an example of a connection between an infrastructure function and a public building.  The architecture of the future can be built on the basis of the past in order to achieve adequate flexibility, adequate sustainability and strong identity ties.  The emphasis of the collection is a connection between the two areas, fashion and architecture for which design is a creative solution to society’s problems.  This is a collection that emphasizes sustainability, craftsmanship and aesthetics.  Practical and modern pieces are presented that reflect the time in which we live, because in that way the item of clothing is much more than just a piece of clothing – it is an “object” with a story in it.  The pieces from the collection and the stairs are an interweaving design that transforms the perception of space.  A unique process that explains that the new era of luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible.  (Video)


Hana Zeka and her studio for sustainable and slow fashion – “Fight or Flight” from Pristina, Kosovo, presented for the third day in a row on the first day of the Fashion Weekend, with the latest WAVELENGTH collection, which researched the technology of wearing interactive clothing.  (Video)

The fashion brand KTN, backed by the sister trio Angelina, Iva and Sandra Kitanovski, presented the “Lulu” collection, which is inspired by the modern and avant-garde Parisian.  The materials used are of high quality in order to last longer.  That is, the core of the collection, it is fused with the essence of sustainability.  The collection is made in Northern Macedonia under the highest code of ethics for handmade clothes. (Video)


“Son of Salome” presented the collection “The Cerebrum F / W – 2021/2022”.  “The cerebrum occupies most of the brain.  Composed of two hemispheres divided by a central fissure.  It contains the main lobes of the brain and is responsible for receiving and sending information from the sensory organs, as well as for controlling the body.  This definition is metaphorically represented in the collection through form, texture and color, in order to deepen the human body and emotions.  Blood and skin cells are displayed through textiles and hand-knitted and embroidered details.  Some of the incisions, in addition to being inspired by the shape of the brain, also reflect organic lines coming from parts of the human body, such as the structure of the bones, chest, and spine.  The fabrics are of natural origin, some are recycled, and some are completely handmade and hand-knitted.  The emphasis of the collection is on the orange color which represents optimism and the large cuts that represent diversity and gender equality.  (Video)


With her latest collection of hats “The Seven”, the fashion designer Mirjana Josifoska, quite consciously relativizes the standard conventions of conscious fashion.  Each piece in the collection is made of textile waste from workshops in our country.  Most of the hats come with removable straps.  Once the straps are removed from the hat, they can be fastened together and used as a scarf.  The belts are designed in many colors and fabrics.  The inspiration for the collection comes from the photos of Helmut Newton.  Each model in the collection is inspired, designed and named after the seven women photographed by Helmut Newton – Anita Ekberg, Charlotte Rampling, Elsa Peretti, Isabella Rossellini, Linda Evangelista, Monica Bellucci and Sophia Loren.  (Video)

With a fashion film and digital presentation, the fashion brand “Leap Concept” has officially launched its latest collection.  “Leap Concept” is a fashion brand dedicated to sustainability and circularity.  Founded between Spain and the Netherlands, the brand is committed to sophisticated knitwear design, emphasizing the basic elements of life with the intention of allowing customers to build their wardrobe instead of frequently renewing it.  Fashion pieces uncompromising in their quality created on the basis of slow fashion, create a conceptual fashion that can not be recognized in commercial pieces of clothing.  In order to close the circle of thinking about circular design, the brand offers guidelines for cashmere care, repair of damaged products, return of used products at the end of their life cycle, recycling or renewal of old pieces into a new product.

The EUNOIA collection presented by LUNΛ ADITEYΛ presents 11 variations of the classic button down white shirt.  Multifunctional piece – a piece that can be worn to meetings and walks in nature, to change the look with a few simple adjustments, such as removing the sleeves or opening the shirts, which discreetly displays the skin.  The business piece turns into a comfortable piece that can be styled for any occasion.  Details are in focus!  The buttons were made to order by the designer and her collaborators with the help of 3D printing and a special technique using epoxy resin in combination with natural flowers.  (Video)

Fashion designer Robert Ivanovski presents the new collection called “X”, which consists of comfortable and diverse pieces, easy to combine and move.  The starting point of inspiration for the collection is the Japanese martial art kendo fencing, ie the basic traditional clothing (kendogi and hakama).  The collection consists of ten fashion combinations for men and women.  Dominated by black and linen, which is a great natural material for hot days.


“Fashion Weekend Skopje” this year continued the fruitful cooperation with the School of Art and Design “Djolev and the Arts”, whose students Tea Klincarova, Verica Nakovska, Predrag Trajkovic, Marko Peshov, Andrijana Jovanovska-Pavlovski, Nikolina Ristovska, Sarana Pavov  Simjanovska presented a part of the fashion collections through a short experimental fashion film and proved that the Macedonian fashion and design scene has a bright future ahead.  (Video)

“Fashion Weekend Skopje” supports the initiative for reduction of pollution and development of sustainable fashion.  During the event, an experimental project was presented with biodegradable tights, dyed with eco-color of grape peels in partnership with the brand “Four Twenty Two” and “GenLight” laboratory.  (Video)

The “ACHTUNG BAUSTELLE!” jewelry exhibition was presented as part of the Fashion Weekend Skopje made with electronic waste by the artist Maja Stojkovska.  Maja describes herself as a modern hunter – a collector of clean materials in the immediate area: on the street, in abandoned cellars and markets.  In a playful, intuitive-experimental approach, her work stems from her fascination with discarded materials and objects and the possibilities of rediscovering them into a new, precious object.  Ahtung Baustel!  is a jewelry collection series created with the concept of zero waste for making products, which means that minimal waste is made during the whole process of making each unique piece. (Photos)


#NoWasteMK is a fusion of physical and virtual activities, realized with a grant from the Circular Design Assembly, awarded by the British Council with facilitation from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and with the support of the British Council in North Macedonia.

The last day was dedicated to sustainability education, followed by professional presentations on the topic by the representatives of the “Fashion Revolution” in Macedonia.

“A sustainable future in the fashion industry requires awareness and openness to sustainable practices.  It is necessary to slow down consumption, which has been growing over the years.  Together with “FairWear” and “Utopiic” we brought together many of the ways of such action and presented our views on developing awareness in that direction.  We developed a discussion that proved that consumers are interested in the topic and want to contribute with smarter shopping habits “- said Ana Jakimovska, coordinator of Fashion Revolution Macedonia. (Video)

The Textile Trade Association – Textile Cluster, the Macedonian Fashion Association led by designer Irina Tosheva, sustainable development consultant Charlotte Vandierendondk and emerging fashion designer T*MITROVSKA with dozens of top professionals from the creative industry in the country presented the system to  elaborated the challenges and opportunities for its development.

The first day of #NoWasteMK featured lively inspirations from different industries, shared by circular design pioneers.

On October 3 in front of the plateau of the House of culture “Aco Shopov” in Stip, as part of the activities of the Fashion weekend under the motto #NoWasteMK  parts of the activities of the project “Circular economy as a model for solving the textile waste in Municipality Stip” were promoted.  In the first part of the event the benefits of the project were presented, funded by the Global Environment Facility, where Mr.  Zlatko Samardziev, National Coordinator of GEF SGP in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, as well as the project coordinator prof.  Igor Jordanov, founder of INO TEH CLUB Stip.  Boris Sharkovski from the Foundation for Local Community Development joined the debate and emphasized the promotion of the concept of circular economy and social entrepreneurship which is in its infancy in our country, and has a huge potential for economic development.  The University “Goce Delchev” from Stip as a partner in the project through TTF produced the new pillows, quilts, scarves and “lazy bags” from textile waste from the textile confections in Stip, which were proudly presented by the students of the Faculty of Technology under the mentorship of Professor  Risteski. (Video) 

There are over 80 textile companies in Stip, we expect this pioneering step that we started through this project to be developed, maintained and followed by other stakeholders as an example of good practice, said Diana Naseva from UGD, project assistant and moderator  at last night’s event.

General partner of the project was SN INSURANCE BROKER AD BITOLA.  The team that contributed to the successful realization of the project consists of: video and editing by Angela Stojkovska, photography by Sofi Lazovska from “Frozen Time Drops”, Antonio Stankov and Marko Vilic. The official partner for make-up this season was the brand “Farmasi” in cooperation with the “School of Beauty Art. The models were part of the fashion agency “Podium”.  The beautiful hairstyles were made possible by the cosmetic hair line from “Revlon Professional” and “Olaplex”. Our friend for care and beauty was the French medical cosmetics “URIAGE” with the skin hydration line “URIAGE EAU”, which is intended for daily care, hygiene and hydration of the skin. The official vehicle of the event was “DACIA”. Graphic designer Jana Markovska – Do More was responsible for the visual image.

A huge thanks for all the love that our fashion heroes received in the past in immeasurable quantities.