Thank you for joining us!
Her Majesty’s Ambassador Rachel Galloway, joined #NoWasteMK Slow Food-Slow Fashion dinner for a personal chat on shaping the #COP26 and the unified actions we should take to tackle climate change and how important it is for our future to be sustainable. We must take action now to tackle #climatechange.
Through a showroom, exhibition, experimental collection and a set of conversations in Bitola and Stip, with online inclusions from Stip to New York, NoWasteMK researched and discussed topics on sustainability, in order to encourage the necessary changes towards a more sustainable society and industry!
The first day of the discussion was the connection between “slow food” and “slow fashion” and the opportunities for education of the new generations on how everything can cross the two concepts of a fruitful future.  With “Slow Food Macedonia”, at an authentic dinner, we promoted the world trend of combining healthy food and fashion, advocating for a responsible attitude towards the planet and the environment.
NoWasteMK’s vision was to unite different industries in Macedonia in order to create an efficient flow of creativity in different sectors.  We presented our vision of the concept through food and opened the opportunity for all of us to find the points that unite us, to explore the connection between agriculture, food and fashion, looking through the prism of sustainability, circular economy as well as local culture.
During the dinner the guests were asked the question: “What would you be able to do right now, contributing towards responsible fashion?” Some of the unique answers were used in creating the Fashion Weekend program, such as: “Change the attitude towards shopping, investing in seasonal clothing and donating clothes “, while other answers were” Increasing the demand for tailored sustainable clothing ” as well as ” Recycling old clothes and reducing the need to buy new fashion pieces “.
#NoWasteMK is a fusion of physical and virtual activities, realized with a grant from the Circular Design Assembly, awarded by the British Council with facilitation from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and with the support of the British Council in North Macedonia.