Through a showroom, exhibition, experimental collection and a set of conversations in Bitola and Stip, with online inclusions from Stip to New York, NoWasteMK researched and discussed topics on sustainability, in order to encourage the necessary changes towards a more sustainable society and industry!

The future of fashion looks  – “phy-digital”.  The latest collections of the participants were digitally presented through fashion films.  The seasonal concept was obvious that although the digital could not replace the physical, it still provided numerous creative and logistical benefits, combining virtual presentation with a showroom.  In front of numerous journalists, public figures and fans of beautiful design, they presented their collections, famous names from the domestic scene, as well as young talents that are yet to be heard.

#NoWasteMK showroom scenes at #fwsk this October

The “ACHTUNG BAUSTELLE!” jewelry exhibition was presented as part of the Fashion Weekend Skopje made with electronic waste by the artist Maja Stojkovska.  Maja describes herself as a modern hunter – a collector of clean materials in the immediate area: on the street, in abandoned cellars and markets.  In a playful, intuitive-experimental approach, her work stems from her fascination with discarded materials and objects and the possibilities of rediscovering them into a new, precious object.  Ahtung Baustel!  is a jewelry collection series created with the concept of zero waste for making products, which means that minimal waste is made during the whole process of making each unique piece.

Discover the work process by conceptual jewelry designer Maja Stojkovska. Jewelry collection made with electronic waste.
Artistic, artisanal jewelry. The story how to produce pieces that create a conscious connection, helping people be eco-friendly while still buying beautiful jewelry.

  #NoWasteMK is a fusion of physical and virtual activities, realized with a grant from the Circular Design Assembly, awarded by the British Council with facilitation from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and with the support of the British Council in North Macedonia.