As we usher in the first day of autumn, we are delighted to extend our invitation to you for the 27th season of Fashion Weekend Skopje.

Please Mark Your Calendar for the Dates: 28th to 30th September 2023.

Join us to celebrate the significance of community within the realm of conscious fashion.

Esteemed fashion professionals and innovative creators are cordially invited to deepen their understanding of responsibility within the fashion industry. Fashion Weekend Skopje, in partnership with Golden Art, presents an opportunity to explore the world of conscious fashion. Delve into the concept of responsibility and its practical application in your field. Engage through dynamic presentations, captivating fashion showcases, showrooms, insightful talks, and live demonstrations. This platform will connect you with influential thinkers, offer collaborative experiences with inspiring artisans, and facilitate interactions with like-minded fashion aficionados. Together, we will collectively strive to foster a more accountable fashion ecosystem.

Anticipation builds as we look forward to introducing you to our new venue, the Urban Garden complex, and showcasing the beauty of our city.

Warmest regards on behalf of the entire FWSK team.