The big fashion weekend in Skopje (FWSK) traditionally comes at the beginning of autumn, signifying yet another expansion of the conventional boundaries of style. For this 27th edition, the organizers maintain their focus on the theme that the team has long considered relevant, which is sustainability under the slogan “The Role of the Community in Conscious Design and Fashion.”

From the 28th to the 30th of September, FWSK will transform the Urban Garden complex at the Skopje Airport into a vibrant hub of fashion and creativity. However, it won’t be merely a showcase for the latest collections from young designers for this season. The three-day extravaganza aims to spark meaningful conversations, setting up alongside the catwalk and spaces for workshops, art, film screenings, and engaging discussions that delve from an interesting perspective on the current topic of sustainability in the fashion industry.

FWSK’s effort is not only to present but to educate, inspire, and guide the community towards a more sustainable future. By offering a mix of fashion shows, experimental collections, and unusual exhibition spaces, FWSK aims not only to highlight the beauty and artistry of design but also to emphasize the collective responsibility of the fashion industry towards our planet. This event is an established call to action, reminding everyone involved – from designers to consumers – of the critical role they play in shaping the future.

Golden Art, with its Urban Garden complex, holds the esteemed title of General Patron and the official location for FWSK, providing a setting that is both chic and unconventional. With every designer creation conquering the runway, and every thought-provoking conversation about sustainable fashion, this place promises to be the epicenter of fashion innovation over these three days.

“Fashion Weekend Skopje is more than an event; it’s a movement. It’s an invitation to immerse yourself in contemporary fashion culture, grasp its nuances, and celebrate its potential. So save the date and be a part of this revolutionary rendezvous. Together we can envision and shape a future where fashion is not only about dazzling glamour but also about making a difference,” – the organizers point out.

The 27th edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje (FWSK) will be an event where conscious design takes center stage, where trends hold importance, but the focus is on shaping the future. Let’s not forget that Skopje is one of the leading cities in this region, where thanks to FWSK, they are exploring the community’s deeper involvement in fashion, transforming fashion into a catalyst for change.

For the detailed program of the three-day Fashion Weekend Skopje, please click here.