Modalisboa Awake, in co-organization with Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, presented the collections for the fall / winter 20/21 of our creators. Balkan region was presented by fabulous T*MITROVSKA and Sofija Urumovic. UNITED FASHION LISBOA DOESN’T KNOW BORDERS. Modalisboa became more international with the United Fashion project, which brought 14 young European designers, for an exchange of knowledge and creativity with a restricted program that included moments of networking with the national and international industries, and buyers, workshops and showrooms. All this culminated with the presentation to the public of the fall / winter 20/21 of 14 of the designers participating in the project, in an event, which took place on March 5, in the paços do Concelho. It was the highest point of this exchange of creativity. Take a look…



T*MITROVSKA is a young fashion brand that designs for the millennial queer child of McQueen’s woman. The designs use unconventional materials and gender-bending to tackle socio-political issues. The brand threads a fine line between highly-conceptual and streetwear to cater to both markets. 20.18, the
FW 2020/21 collection, aims to fight gender norms within fashion, echoing aspects of the Teodora Mitrovska’s grandparents lives, but it shifts away from them as individuals by focusing only on two main elements: fishing and Yugoslavian military uniforms.
In true fashion of the brand, the collection holds a dark undertone, aiming to create androgynous out- worldly warriors. While playing with ‘gendered’ garments and masculinity, it explores new textile techniques and unconventional materials.


Sofija Urumovic’s aesthetics reflects her interest in pattern construction, manipulation and shape design,
but is also largely influenced by graphic inspirations and her personal interpretation of everyday life and intimate memories, hopes, fears, past, present and future. Balancing between playfulness, subtle sophistication and nonchalance,

her vision stands clear: feminine, wearable and comfortable clothing with a twist in details, focused on experimenting with shapes and materials in a seemingly naïve manner. The FW 2020/21 collection talks about self-cultivation as a form of further artistic development by using the designer’s own archive and restriction as a core of the design method. This collection explores the potential of familiar forms by cutting them in order to reinvent their shape and examine the possibilities of new expressions.









Photo: André Cabral.



Unit­ed Fash­ion received the sup­port from the Cre­ative Europe pro­gramme of the Euro­pean Union.