From December 2019 FWSK in collaboration with Macedonian Fashion Association (MFA) had the opportunity to organize the Project “Days of the textile industry in the cross border region – promotion among young generations/ Organisation of Days of textile coordination visits and fashion show”.

The motive of the project is to present the textile industry as an attractive career branch for young people and a contributor to the economic development of the country. The key goal is to provide vocational education that covers the full range of activities in fashion and textiles and to develop students global vision,  sense of social responsibility, as well as, critical and creative thinking. Thus, the new generation of fashion designers and engineers will lead and strengthen the development of the fashion and textile industry in the country.

At the heart of the project’s strategy to support the textile and fashion industry, sits the mentoring in the design education. Supporting pupils and students from the textile faculty is imperative to maintaining our position as a nation with an amazing textile history. 

From December 2019, the students from high schools in North Macedonia worked on the capsule collections made of textile waste under the mentorship of the designer Irina Toseva (MFA): “Dimitar Miraschiev” (Stip), “Aco Ruskovski” (Berovo), “Mile Janevski Dzingar” (Makedonska Kamenica), “Vancho Prke” (Vinica) and “Metodi Mitevski-Brico” (Delchevo) as well as the Faculty of Technology at the University “Goce Delchev” (Stip.)

“Mile Janevski Dzingar” (Makedonska Kamenica)During these couple of productive months, we met wonderful professors, who struggled daily with huge challenges to motivate their students. Additionaly, we visited primary schools in Vinica, Stip and Berovo, mentoring about production optimization and sustainable practices. Furthermore, we organized visits to textile companies FamMode, Lars, MK Elena, BTB, Textile M, Linea and Poloteks, where we carefully observed the production process in the garments with the pupils.

The industry has growth potential, however, lacks a young, innovative and creative workforce. The project goals will be developed with an aim to boost the image of the textile industry in the region, especially among young generations. In order to improve the image of the textile industry in the cross-border region among young generations the project is targeting activities in elementary and high schools from different towns in the country. The scope of these activities includes the development of designs and painting from students, as well as motivational speeches from proven stakeholders in the industry that will take place during the Days of Textile.

The pupils and students had a goal inspired by the mentoring sessions, to prepare fashion sketches with the Title “Days of the textile industry”. The sketching helped them in brainstorming their ideas. Fashion sketching plays a major role in designing, it enables them to preview and visualize their thoughts and make decisions before getting started to produce or reduce any wastage. After the selection, we chose the work of 30 pupils and students, who started to work with the teacher and mentor on the fashion outfits. We also organized an art exhibition during the fashion show.


“Mile Janevski Dzingar” (Makedonska Kamenica)

We have always supported young talents through our work. In response to increasing restrictions on public events due to Covid-19, together with TTA we made the decision to organise the fashion show in the open air in Stip. Every participant had the opportunity to be involved in the real fashion show: makeup, hair, models, fittings, rehearsals, music etc. This is an essential experience for the young designers, to get to witness and participate in the process of the promotion of the textile and fashion products.

The purpose of the Fashion Show is to promote the designs and models created by high school students and paintings/sketches made by the pupils from elementary schools. Organization and promotion of the models, designs and paintings was done in front of 100 guests, participates from companies, schools and government representatives. The organization included a provision of space, rent of audio, lights, makeup and participation of 10 models that promoted the designs. The activity was covered by media.  The duration of the show was one day, and was located in the East Planning Region – the city Stip.

“Vancho Prke” (Vinica)

These activities are part of IPA’s new project “Modern textile industry as an attractive career path for young generations and contributors to economic development and social prosperity of cross border region MK-BG”. 

“Vancho Prke” (Vinica)

Photo by Baze Angelovski


Activity: mentoring sessions, visiting the factories, fitting time: