The “Days of Italian Design” have begun in Skopje, merging Italian design with sustainability.

This March, we are witnesses to the fashion revolution that puts Skopje on the global map of sustainable fashion, thanks to Fashion Weekend Skopje, which, for the 28th time, is evidence of both its enduring legacy and the innovative future of fashion.

Under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Skopje, ITA – the Italian Trade Agency, East Gate Mall, and the visionary Fashion Weekend Skopje, this event transcends the conventional – it’s a narrative, a dialogue between cultures, and a catalyst for innovation.

From the solemn opening on March 15th, at East Gate Mall, where the Italian ethos of design meets modern sustainability under the motto “Creating Value: Inclusivity, Innovation, and Sustainability,” the words of His Excellency Andrea Silvestri – Ambassador of Italy to Skopje, confirmed the fact of the timeless philosophy of the Made in Italy concept“.

In Italy, design is not just an industry, it is a reflection of our cultural ethos, where beauty and sophistication seamlessly blend with innovation and sustainability. Our dedication to design is a journey towards creating objects that are not only aesthetically appealing but are imbued with material value – crafted through processes that honor our heritage while embracing the future. Italy, with its leading position in the world of design, showcases products that embody the soul of craftsmanship and the progressive march of innovation,” emphasized Ambassador Silvestri in his address.

Then followed the shows of City Fashion, Twinset, Patrizia Pepe, XYZ, Erreá Republic, Fashion&Friends, Benetton, Sisley, Dioptra Optics, Prima Optics, and Chapter 3. They revealed the latest from top Italian brands, achieving the goal of merging traditional Italian fashion with modern trends and sustainable practices, setting a new standard for the industry.

The grand opening was preceded by the official start of the pop-up location Ready, Steady, Shop! dedicated to “slow fashion” as a space for showcasing Macedonian fashion brands and networking opportunities. Thus, at the center of attention until the end of March, designers and brands participating will shine brightly, each contributing with its unique narrative to this grand showcase of the 28th edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje. From the poetic interpretations of Rosica Mrsik, through the designs of Bastet Noir, Irina Tosheva, Crius, Terziya, Radmila Georgieva, Magdalena Tanevska, and Mirjana Josifovska, to the “Heritage” collection by Esnaf, intertwining Macedonian tradition with contemporary flair, this location promises a diverse display of style, innovation, and tradition, wholly dedicated to slow fashion.

East Gate Mall has been the venue for Italian design days for years and has hosted 28 editions of the fashion weekend. All events are designed to foster a deeper connection between the community and the principles of sustainable living through fashion and design. The event will culminate at the end of March with local designers showcasing their creations, highlighting the power and creativity of local fashion forces. This event underscores Fashion Weekend Skopje’s current commitment to promoting a positive and sustainable fashion industry.

The grand finale is scheduled for March 30th, with Bridal Fashion Night, promising an exclusive selection of bridal collections. The series of events confirm Skopje’s dominant position as a growing center for sustainable fashion and design in this part of the world, thanks to Fashion Weekend Skopje, while simultaneously emphasizing the collective global responsibility towards sustainability. The collaboration between Italian and Macedonian cultural forces marks a significant step towards integrating environmental practices into international design and fashion.

Fashion Weekend Skopje FWSK continues to be at the forefront of promoting innovative and ethical fashion. With a history spanning over a decade, FWSK is dedicated to promoting an industry that respects both people and the planet. The 28th edition of this iconic event celebrating fashion and design is ready to begin.

This series of events is supported by the friends of FWSK28: Kiko Milano and Alfaparf Milano Professional in collaboration with the students of SUGS “Dimitar Vlahov,” Martimex and Versace, Ferrari Trento. Project partners include IQOS, Perwoll Renew, MINT FinTech Group, MATCH super food, Obuca Metro, MG ART, and Amanti pasta.

Video: Blagoja Angelovski, Doan Akity, Viktor Stojkov.
Photos: Photo Georgi Ristoski, Goran Boshkovski.