United Fashion Project-manager Svetlana Bogova Jovanovska and UF SEE Showroom coordinator Kristina Ilievska had the chance to showcase feedback and highlights from the United Fashion Skopje edition on the two-day conference and panel discussions dedicated to the Fashion System in the Balkans.

The Conference organized by Slovenian national Centre for Creativity at the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) together with Society for Slovenian fashion and textile design SOTO in Ljubljana on 24th-26th October 2019.

The presentation and panel discussion brought attention to the topics connected to fashion business and the cultural and creative sectors to present the current situations of the Balkan fashion design and fashion industry at the round tables with fashion brands and designers. The conference was also an opportunity to meet Slovenian designers and brands, however, additionally, to meet other organizers of similar events in the Balkan region.



Unit­ed Fash­ion received the sup­port from the Cre­ative Europe pro­gramme of the Euro­pean Union.