Evgenija Zafirovska: Sharing of experiences among designers is priceless, it helps us stay strong with our dreams


Evgenija Zafirovska is a Macedonian designer based in Slovenia. She creates unique, unforgettable and timeless products using modern technology, traditional crafts and recycling. Taking care of the tradition and the protection of the environment is reflected in her attention to the tiniest details. Coming back on home soil in March last year, she took part in the United Fashion SEE Showroom, held during the 19th edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje.

Photo by Frozen Time Drops Photography


How did you find out about United Fashion and what was your key motivation to apply for such a project?


I initially saw United Fashion on social media. In my opinion, this kind of project is very important for designers and their work, as it provides socializing and knowledge to work in groups. Through cooperation, exchange of experiences and networking, I believe that great results can be achieved. The fashion industry is one of the most powerful industries in the world. It makes sense to utilize its power as a tool to respond to social and political issues and as designers, we should be able to reflect on our surroundings and how we feel about them in our designs. These workshops help us to search for different alternatives, help each other and stay strong with our dreams.

Photo by @AniiDimi

What memories did you bring home from the United Fashion SEE Showroom and Fashion Weekend Skopje?

It was an interesting and different project, first of this type organized in Skopje. I am glad being part of it. Different cultures, styles and ways to live. The way each designer designs and presents in public. Sharing the experience is priceless. Fashion Weekend Skopje was an excellent host.



Did it influence your work as a designer? Which are the new things that you learned or practiced?

The specificity of the job requires a lot of attention, love, and dedication. Very important to me were the positive and negative criticisms we wrote to each other. Sincere messages for improvement, brand growth, strong brand DNA and strong creativity. I have decided that I need to see my business from two points of view, the creative and the sustainable side. I want to find a balance between both aspects without losing my style, the fact that I want my clothes to be sustainable, and to be marketed successfully. Work experience is increasingly defining my style. In art, there are no strict definitions, but still, the definition of a good model is the quality of creating, comforting and building your style.

Could you name your biggest achievements in 2019? What do have in mind for 2020?


2019 was an amazing year for my brand, because I took part in many projects, such as Award Hyundai, United Fashion SEE Showroom, Fashion week Ljubljana and I also was part of Big SEE-Month of Design 2019. My plan for 2020 is to create a new collection made of waste and open the question “Is this a real waste?”. I am also looking forward to participating in FWSK and LJFW, many other different projects and to continue to create ethical and responsible.



What is your overall opinion about United Fashion from a today’s perspective? Would you apply for participation again?


YES! United Fashion is a great opportunity for learning new things, coming up with creative ideas to improve something, or make something new, analysing complex data to draw clear and simple conclusions, working well as part of a team, positive and connected.




Unit­ed Fash­ion received the sup­port from the Cre­ative Europe pro­gramme of the Euro­pean Union.