An experiment of the biodegradable tights, dyed with eco dye from grape peel, a jewelry collection created with  e-waste, and  a selection of  brands that embody the diversity of Macedonian responsible creation.

Under the slogan „Beyond the Fields”, from 2 October till 3 October, Fashion Weekend gives the stage to 30 forward looking creatives  and their works during the initiative NoWasteMK. Through a showroom, exhibition, an experimental collection and a set of talks and round tables, NoWasteMK will examine and discuss urgent sustainability topics, share knowledge and kick start necessary actions.

That is the exact aim of NoWasteMK. By showcasing the work of game changers, like for example Stefanija Naseska, Evgenija Zafirovska, Robert Ivanovski, Hana Zeqa – Fight or Flight brand, Four Twenty Two, KTN, Son of Salome, Mirjana Josifoska, Robert Ivanovski, Luna Aditeya, Leap Concept and the students’ work from the Academy of Fashion Design „Djolev and the Arts”.

#NoWasteMK is a fusion of physical and virtual activities, realized through a grant from the Circular Design Assembly awarded by the British Council with facilitation from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The new collections of the participants of the twenty-fourth season, will be exclusively presented on October 2 and 3 via live streaming and on social networks, with the premiere of the recorded videos and photos.  Showroom with exclusive pieces, as well as a jewelry exhibition ACHTUNG BAUSTELLE!  Created using electronic waste by the artist Maja Stojkovska, are only part of the rich program that visitors will follow from 2 to 3 October in the building of Jagoda Club Railway Station, in Bitola.

Join experts, policymakers, statisticians and leaders from the private sector and civil society at  #NoWasteMK, to exchange on how all actors can contribute to a forward-looking vision for the circular economy.

The moderator of the round table and online discussion “Circular Fashion and Textiles” Textile Trade Association – Textile Cluster together with panelists and participants will discuss lessons from the Design4Circle project and Circular economy – Local context, challenges and opportunities.  Don’t miss this opportunity to debate the latest circular economy trends in measurement, sources and methods.

Round table and online discussion “Product design for the environment” with the moderator Irina Tosheva and top professionals from the creative industry who will present findings of various successful examples of the circular economy system in the country, and elaborate upon the challenges and opportunities for its development.

During the online talk “End of Life” with sustainable advisor Charlotte Vandierendonck and emerging fashion designer T * MITROVSKA we will discuss the creation of new life through redesign and upcycling.

In terms of education about complete sustainability as a way of life, which can have a profound impact on the future of the planet and humanity in general, valorization of the values ​​of the circular economy as a model for sustainable development, and revitalization of the environment locally and globally with professional presentations.  These will be the topics included in the panel discussion “Consumption Reduced: repair & wear” presented by representatives of the Fashion Revolution.

On October 3 in Stip, we will showcase the project “Circular economics as a model for textile waste management” with Dr. Igor Jordanov, professor at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University Ss.  Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje and Zlatko Samardziev, MA, National Coordinator of GEF SGP in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.  The project will use textile industry waste and post-use textile waste as a raw material for the production of pillows, quilts and socks.  The general goal of the project is the reduction of textile waste in the municipality of Stip and use of the same for products with added value.

You can access the PROGRAMME here



#NoWasteMK initiative points out the limits of our current system while presenting new modes of creation.

The general partner of the project is SN INSURANCE BROKER AD BITOLA, the largest insurance broker in the country, as a socially responsible company appears as a patron and sponsor of a large number of cultural events in Bitola and the surrounding area, including this one.  In fact, it confirms the motto of this company which reads: “It is nice when someone is always by your side!”.

The team that contributed to the successful realization of the project consists of: The videos are the work of Angela Stojkovska, while the photo is by Sofi Lazovska from Frozen Time Drops.

The models are part of the fashion agency Podium.  The beautiful hairstyles were provided by the cosmetic hair line from Revlon Professional and Olaplex in collaboration with Elena Nikolovska, Daniela Zlatanovska, as well as, the beautiful make-up was done thanks to the beauty products from Farmasi in collaboration with the School of Beauty Art and stylists Olgica Todorova, Zorica Naumof, Aleksa  Todorovska and Anita Risteska.

Our friend for care and beauty is the French medical cosmetics URIAGE with the skin hydration line URIAGE EAU, which is intended for daily care, hygiene and hydration of the skin.

Graphic designer Jana Markovska – Do More is responsible for the visual imagery.

Do not forget to join the NoWasteMK showroom from October 2 to 3 and witness the works of our heroes.

NoWasteMK content will go live on 2-3 October, 11:00 AM-06:00PM CET and is impatient to reconnect with you starting October 2nd.

* During the event, all measures and recommended regulations for the prevention of COVID-19 will be applied.